About Direct Solar

Direct Solar was formed by Taylor Nelson who has been in the solar industry for many years and wanted to be able to offer better options for homeowners.

Direct Solar is not a contractor themselves, but has teamed up with the best contractors, resources, and services to be your top solar consultant in choosing which option is best for you.

You no longer have to have 10 companies come over to show you what they have.  Direct Solar has access to it all.

How that works is we come over as the solar broker, plug your information in to our software, and see which option is best for your home.  That way you know you are getting the exact fit for your house instead of just being sold what’s available.

We are obsessed with solar and spend all day and night thinking about it.

Some have told us we need counseling to overcome our workaholism in the solar industry.

However, our clients tell us the counseling isn’t necessary, to keep providing them with excellent service and to keep taking their phone calls at 11:30pm.